Accredia Laboratory No. 2002 L

technical cleaness

Laboratory accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 to perform Technical Cleanliness tests according to ISO 16232

1 Send us your items, our technicians, supported by a VDA/QMC certified teacher, will analyze the degree of contamination. Follow these instructions for a correct piece sending.

2 We guarantee the test results in a short time by providing you with appropriate counseling about the interpretation of the results.

3 Do you need to integrate a technical cleaning analysis system within your company? Contact us, we will point you to the most suitable instrumentation in relation to your needs.

For Lab Italia not only provides you tools, but also know-how.

Jointly or separately with a supply of equipment, we offer courses on the topic of “Technical Cleanliness,” held at our premises or yours.

The course includes:

  • qualified “VDA-QMC” inspector lecturer;
  • training course;
  • learning evaluation questionnaire;
  • documentation;
  • certificate of attendance.

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analisi pulizia tecnica

Cleanliness analysis and impurity detection service

We assess the degree of cleanliness (cleanliness level) of your items. The tests allow you to analyze the amount and type of residue present in your samples at the end of the production process. Testing complies with the ISO 16232 and VDA19.1 reference standards.

Our systems for the analysis
of technical cleanliness

We specialize in consulting and providing a full range of instrumentation to perform Technical Cleanliness.

If you need to integrate a Technical Cleanliness Analysis system within your company, you will be assisted by our staff in selecting the most suitable system for your needs.

You will be able to take a look at what instrumentation is needed and how it is performed.


laboratorio analisi

Do you need to integrate an economical, fast and reliable VDA19.1 and ISO 16232-compliant system for impurity detection and analysis into your company?

MicroQuick RJL Particle Scanner for the analysis of technical cleanliness.

Complies with VDA19.1 and ISO 16232.

The High Resolution MicroQuick RJL scanner can analyze residual contaminant particles and measure:

Quantity, Size (above 20 microns), Shape and Reflection.


The technical cleaning analysis tool (which includes the cleaning analysis software) consists of:

MQScanner for image acquisition;
MQAnalyser software for particle analysis;
MicroEditor software for subsequent particle inspection;
MicroReporter for generating cleaning reports.

The scope of supply also inlcudes a PC, a scanner, a Calibration Standard with corresponding DKD certificate and a set of frames, tools and accessories useful for performing analyses.



Customized consulting

Does your part fail the technical cleaning test? Our trained staff will assess the issue and recommend the best tool to perfect the washing and cleaning of your parts.

Mafac industrial washing machines for technical cleanliness


lavatrice industriale Mafac


Any complaints and/or reports can be submitted by e-mail to
We will respond within 3 days of receipt of the complaint and implement complaint processing within three weeks of receipt
of the complaint. We will notify you of the steps taken to remedy the detected inconvenience and propose the agreed solution.
Ultimately you will be notified of the end of the processing and its outcome.
Verbal or anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Commitment to confidentiality of information acquired in the course of carrying out testing activities

The laboratory undertakes to maintain the strictest confidentiality on all data and information of which it will become aware, in any capacity, in connection with the performance of the service, generally having a confidential nature, such as but not limited to, data, technical specifications, service used, test results, photos, information relating to the Clients’ properties.

The laboratory undertakes to maintain the strictest confidentiality on the above as well as on any other news, confidence and/or information, in the broadest meaning of the term, and not to disclose any among the confidential information to third parties, unless:

  • The information is not in the public domain;
  • The laboratory is not required by contractual agreement or by law to provide such information.

In the latter case, the client will be informed about the information provided, unless prohibited by law.

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Should you be interested in technical cleaning, we will provide you with all the information on how to ship
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